Accessories and fiber

The best network architecture is nothing without a reliable, maintainable and flexible production environment. We offer production-tested and proven accessories, available in large quantities and with short lead times, for all the extras in your infrastructure deployment.

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barre de division, bleu foncé en haut et bleu clair en bas
barre de division, bleu foncé en haut et bleu clair en bas

Optical Modules

We offer Zoreole optical modules compatible with the products we sell. This competitive offer (BGP Bio)allows to optimize the cost of deployment and maintenance of your infrastructure.

Our optical modules are programmable and can be easily adapted to all your situations. Order a single stock of optics and decide later on for which use they will be dedicated(Ethernet or Fiber Channel, Manufacturer A or Manufacturer B)

Custom built fiber optic pre-wiring

At Zoréole, we do everything possible to achieve technologically and economically efficient deployments. We offer factory-built fiber optic trunks for your pre-wiring needs. They are built to your specifications and soldered in the factory for maximum performance at a competitive cost. This technique reduces deployment time, with record flexibility. We can also install them in data centers.

câbles fibre optique sur mesure

Any questions about our accesory line ? 

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barre de division, bleu clair en haut et bleu foncé en bas