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An essential part of the implementation of a datacenter infrastructure is the construction of an inter-site optical backbone. It can be assembled with purely passive equipment for short to medium distances or use active elements for longer links. We offer a complete range of solutions, based on Adva Networks, to establish the most efficient architecture to cover your needs.

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FS3000 Open Terminal

FS3000 Open Line System (OLS)

Openness and flexibility are key to meet today's network operator challenges and to leverage continuous innovation.

  • TeraFlex™
    Maximizes capacity and reach for all network scenarios and ensures the lowest cost per gigabit in your existing infrastructure.
  • OpenFabric™ Series
    It allows you to keep switching and patching operations low and helps you make the most efficient use of your fiber infrastructure.
  • Transponders et Muxponders
    Key benefits:
    Secure Transport, SAN Connectivity, Hyperscale DCI, and ONT Infrastructure

FS3000 Open Line System

For data center interconnection and infrastructure networks, the FSP 3000 Open Line System(OLS) offers complete freedom to scale and optimize each network layer individually. It also improves overall network efficiency and simplifies network planning.

    Designed specifically to help you meet the most demanding data requirements, with multiple diagnostic tools that include integrated OTD and OCM capabilities in the most open, flexible, and cost-effective way possible.
  • Infrastructure de réseau OLS
    Key benefits: Can be installed in multiple chassis sizes, easily integrates into software-defined networks with open and programmable APIs, monitors fibers, has comprehensive monitoring and diagnostic tools, visualizes spectrum, has amplifiers and ROADM options designed to meet the specific needs of metro, core and DCI networks.
FS3000 Open Line System (OLS)

Pluggables and subsystems

Pluggables Adva

ADVA's subsystems and pluggables offer market-leading density and power consumption, plus unmatched density that empowers network operators and enables them to meet the changing demands of connectivity networks.

  • MicroMux™ Nano
    Unique in its design, the MicroMux™ Nano is a highly cost-effective way to maximize the use of next-generation aggregation devices with 10G ports.
  • MicroMux™
    The MicroMux™ converts 100Gigabit Ethernet client ports to 10 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports or 2 40 GigabitEthernet ports, enabling unprecedented client port flexibility without compromising power, space or spectral efficiency. A true tool for developing optimal data center interconnect environments.
  • MicroMux™ Quattro
    The industry's smallest multiplexer in a plug, revolutionizing plug and play simplicity. It maximizes the use of your existing hardware, is easy to use and cost effective, a true"pay-as-you-grow" solution
  • MicroMux™ Edge BiDi
    The MicroMux™ was specifically designed for access networks where cost, speed and low latency are paramount.

Automated Network Management

Icons Gestion automatisée du réseau
  • Ensamble Controller
    Advantages :
    SDN expertise, connectivity, security and synchronization and enable automation.
  • Optical Director Package
    Advantages : Unprecedented speed inactivating services, simplify service creation and maintenance processes.
  • Sync Director Package
    Advantages : Reliable, secure, and easy-to-use management and monitoring of ADVA's transport and synchronization solutions, self-explanatory graphical interface supported by a wizard-based provisioning tool and comprehensive reporting, continuous monitoring, analysis, and optimization of the synchronization topology to avoid loops and ensure maximum availability.
  • Fiber Director Package
    ADVA extends its proven end-to-end service management capabilities from the optical layer to the packet layer, simple end-to-end, transparent performance reporting
  • Simulator Package
    Advantages : Realistic pre-activation testing for ease of operations, simulator package ensures your network investment turns into revenue streams rather than operational headaches and allows for configuration verification without impacting revenue generating services.
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